Jeanne Germain - Webdesign

March 2022

Jeanne Germain and Florent Bouvet are two young winegrowers in Saumur-Champigny, in the heart of Loire’s Valley. Jeanne is a horse lover, younger she learned how to work with them. Her father taught her the way of growing biodynamic wine, a different way to approach nature, working with patience, observation and attentiveness. She first worked in her father's vineyards with her two horses, Ben and Comtess. Three years ago, she chose to emancipate herself, affirm her woman position in a man environment, make her own wine and continue to work with his horses. This approach allows her to always be in contact with nature and feel every part of her vineyard. Now she’s working with his partner Florent, she teaches him her knowledge, and after three years of hard work, they have now three cuvée of red wine and rosée. For her website, she wanted something really simple and minimalist, something looking like her own travel notebook.
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