In a few words

I  spent a long time trying to know what my passions were in my life. I was listening to the others describe their visceral passion for a specific subject, and I was feeling lost to not find which was mine. I spent a long time trying to find myself, with the sensation of always dispersing. One day, finally, I understood what was burning in me ; the desire to learn from others and to share.

I need to understand how the things work around me. For example, I love cooking. I’m alway looking for culinary travels. I need to learn every detail, to find the root of every product I use, grow my own ingredients, transform, cook, share and taste. This long process of search and observation increases my cooking’s experience ; it allows me to deal with constraints and create new recipes.

For me, it’s the same thing in my artistic process. 

I’ve always been immersed in art. Younger, I was following art classes after school. During high school, I’ve chosen to sign up for a Cinema Audiovisual speciality and Art option. It was fascinating. I opened myself to art history and analysis. I developed my sensibility. It was at this moment that my desire to learn has never stopped increasing. 

Today, this desire is still visceral. I love to diversify my work, learn new techniques, try new concepts and art’s process. I need to understand my subject, to adapt better. Everyday, my brain overflows to discover new artists, new kinds of music, new tendencies. To learn how to create pigments, inks, paper, textures. To work between ancient and modernity. Discover handicraft legacy, stained glass, engraving, stone carving, farming, wine making…

Nevermind the domain.

I’m curious about everything. Bored of nothing.